10 FAQs On Car Modifications In India – Answered!

Car Modifications In India | Legal Vs Illegal

Embarking on the journey of car modifications in India is an exciting venture for enthusiasts looking to personalize their vehicles. However, this road is often paved with questions, especially concerning legalities, insurance implications, and the fine details of modifications. This guide delves into the 10 frequently asked questions surrounding car modifications in India. One must also get familiar with crucial aspects such as car insurance online, the significance of IDV car insurance, and the nuances of comprehensive car insurance. *

Embarking on the journey of car customization in India raises several questions. From the legality of modifications to their impact on comprehensive car insurance, enthusiasts seek clarity. This article addresses ten frequently asked questions to guide those considering tweaks to their vehicles.

  • Are Car Modifications Prohibited In India?

The Indian Supreme Court deems alterations affecting a vehicle’s structural integrity illegal. Modifications must align with manufacturer specifications; while suspension upgrades are legal, substantial changes like oversized tires are not.

  • Can I Install A Sunroof In My Car?

Aftermarket sunroof installations and altering structural integrity are illegal and pose safety risks. Such modifications also preclude converting a car into a convertible.

  • Is Changing The Exhaust Unlawful?

Aftermarket exhausts are permitted within specified decibel limits, respecting the Motor Vehicles Act and Environment Protection Regulations. However, removing exhaust silencers or catalytic converters is generally considered illegal.

  • Does Aftermarket Accessories Void My Warranty?

Many automakers may void the factory warranty if aftermarket modifications, including safety features, CNG kits, or mechanical changes, damage the vehicle.

  • Will My Insurance Change With Car Modifications?

Modifications may increase car insurance online premiums. Performance enhancements or appealing changes like alloy wheels may lead to higher costs, varying by insurance companies. You can use a car insurance calculator to check on the prices of premiums to be paid.

  • Can I Change My Car’s Front Grille?

Modifying a car’s grille is allowed, enhancing aesthetics, but it should not impede the radiator’s function. Bull bars are strictly forbidden due to safety concerns.

  • What Is The Cost Of Repainting A Car?

Professional car repainting in a different colour costs is subject to variations based on location and specific requirements.

  • What Are The RTO Requirements For Repainting Cars?

To repaint a car a different colour, RTO approval is essential. Take the RC book and a colour sample, and obtain a letter of authorization from the Regional Transport Officer.

  • How To Keep A Car Wrap In Good Condition?

Car wraps, an alternative to paint, can protect a car’s paint. Regular cleaning with a mild detergent and proper care ensures the wrap’s longevity.

  • Which Indian Cars Are Best For Customization?

The Maruti Gipsy, though no longer in production, is a popular choice for customization in India, known for its tune-friendly characteristics.

Navigating the realm of car customization in India involves understanding legalities, insurance implications, and maintenance requirements. Whether it’s a grille modification or a complete colour change, enthusiasts must stay informed to enhance their vehicles without compromising safety or legal compliance.

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